Sunday, 29 April 2012

Closing up and moving on...

This blog was created to support an assignment for the Digital Culture course, but it became a springboard to much more. Together with my assignment for the Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning course, this has led to my dissertation project (running to March 2013).

So, to close out this blog, I have reviewed the actions set last year to see where I am now:
  • I am now a Carbon Conversations facilitator and am in discussion with Sustainable Haddington to facilitate carbon conversation groups in my local area
  • Carshare with Gavin at least twice a week - currently working from home when I can instead :)
  • Allotment at Thistly Cross in Dunbar now entering year 2
  • Make more time for nature and me - all the time!
  • Read more about human ecology and sustainable education - a core part of my dissertation
  • I caught up with my garden photo diary on Facebook, but now experimenting with blipfoto and flickr to get images out into the wide world...
  • The Easter Bush veg garden development is underway - just surveying now for members
  • Joined The Schumacher Society and now also subscribed to Resurgence and Earthlines
  • Still being crafty and now sharing the photos too :)
To follow my progress, please visit my dissertation blog and/or my website.

Thank you for reading :)

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